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My Touch - cd - 15 euro



1. Brussels Boogie - 2. Over Easy - 3. Dear George - 4. Patterns - 5. Show, Don't Tell - 6. Clear Mud - 7. Lekker - 8. Mindprint - 9. My Touch



Kino Haitsma - piano, keyboards / Jeroen Vierdag - bass / Hans van Oosterhout - drums / Michel van Schie - bass (3, 6) / Hans Eijkenaar - drums (3,6) / Peter Heijnen - guitar (1) / Egon Verhoeven - guitar (6) / Joke Hamminga - percussion (2, 3) / recorded at Galaxy studios, Fattoria Musica studios and Soundvision studio / mixed by Michel van Schie / mastered by Peter Brussee at Qpoint / photography by Mandy Pieper


George Duke liner notes:

"What I really like about Kino's playing is he doesn't overplay, he's not concerned with how fast he can play a scale or displaying how technically proficient he is. This is refreshing in todays marketplace of pianists, many who seem to be only interested in the technical aspects of a performance. It's obvious that Kino feels the groove is important and that technique is merely a means to an end and not the end in itself. This album is a nice mix of piano and rhodes led tunes that are very well played. The material is well suited for his musical vision and I commend him in this effort."